SheSaysSG Personal branding 18 Nov 2015 highlights


Great panel with Lauren Hendry Parsons, Callum Laing and Emma Osborne, hosted by Lizi Hamer and Meera Jane Navaratnam.

Characteristics of a key person of influence: they are very good at sharing, packaging their values. Think about why you’re writing, who’s your audience.

5 key tips:

  1. Learn how to pitch

Answer what do you do?

CV is how you sell yourself in writing

  1. Publish

Eg. 5 articles a day on advertising and technology, and it’s clear, unapologetic

Cindy Gallop can get away with it because she has the credentials to back it up

  1. Products

Video tutorial, slideshare…

  1. Raise your profile

Eg. Don’t say moved to SG for my boyfriend but my partner and I decided to move…

  1. Partnership

Learn how to work with others


Do the do before talk the talk.

You don’t need to create content, share what you’re reading, what you agree with / don’t agree with, events you go to.

Talk about your clients, what you do successfully, celebrate your team to raise your profile without being seen as self promoting yourself

Biggest opportunities when people you don’t know talk about you to other people you don’t know: for them to find you, do remarkable stuff and build your personal brand around it.


Official wrap-up: