SheSaysSG “Make It Happen” 26 Jan 2016 highlights

To kick start 2016, SheSaysSG gathered a great panel to make your career happen


My takeaway:

Stephen explained how PayRoll Hero attract talent: the Adventure Engineering angle when money is #2 or 3 in priorities of candidates. They have 3 locations in Singapore, Manila, a ski resort in Canada where employees can work from wherever they want (condos in each location to host employees are provided).


The cultural misfit is when people leave. When you are interviewing the leader of the company, check the values and reflect some of that. The key values for Mina: Humility (eagerness to learn, how do you take feedback), flexibility, self awareness.

Her advice (as a former chief of staff): hire anyone with the right attitude v skills as skills can be learnt. Very true! Get a support network that takes you accountable for what you commit to.


Andrea mentioned the importance of masculine energy and feminine energy in both men and women. Just use it, as with left / right brain. Her best question to ask when interviewing: “What do you read?” Not interesting is they don’t read anything. Also great to pick someone in bar.


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