Sonia from the Bronx

I was very surprised to read that Justice of the US Supreme Court would be so social. I’ve always thought of Justice as god on earth. This article about Sonia Sotomayor and how approachable she is, back in the Bronx is truly humbling (although she sat in an armchair and “rested her hands at the ends of the chair arms, judge style”;). She talked about a Perry Mason episode that made her want to be a District Attorney because

“the D.A. who lost every week, said he was proud of doing the right thing when the guilty were convicted and the innocent set free.”

Next thing you know, she became one after a chance encounter with the Manhattan D.A. at the time, Robert Morgenthau, on a cheese line at a reception!

Her life lesson couldn’t be summed up better:

“You may have your career all planned out, but when a chance comes you have to be flexible enough to jump.”

And another good advice as she tries to get along with all her colleagues, even the ones she usually disagrees with, because

“we’re going to be there for a long time.”

It reminded me of SheSaysSG “Best advice ever” meet-up in March