The Bench – Counterparts

Real-life judges watched their fictional counterparts at a recent screening of James Lapine’s movie “Custody”

On the screening night, the people who inspired the movie commented:

“You really got it—the waiting forever, and the taking out of the calendars,”

“The many layers were handled extremely well,”

“The thing the movie captured well is the caution on the part of the judge. […] It’s never clear that this is going to be a fatality. If you knew that was going to be the case, you wouldn’t let that child return home.”

“People don’t trust the court. If they lie, it’s because they are trying to make it right. Sometimes they feel like they have no choice.”


“I felt there was a real sense of community down there,” Lapine remarked.

Now I want to watch it but it is nowhere to be found 😦