The Entertainment Issue – In living color

With “back-ish”, Kenya Barris rethinks the family sitcom.

“Black-ish” is definitely getting on the must-watch list. In this featured article, Kenya Barris’ portrait is wonderful and the closing is epic. Doesn’t get better than this:

They flew to Washington for the White House Easter Egg Roll, and were part of a V.I.P. group who met the President and the First Lady.

“That’s our family,” President Obama told Barris, about “black-ish.”

Not everything went smoothly. After four hours at the White House, Barris, tired, insisted that they leave. Once they were outside, Kaleigh got a text from Anthony Anderson’s son: they’d just missed Beyoncé and Jay Z. Barris’s daughters were furious at their dad; tears formed in Leyah’s eyes. When he saw those tears, Barris lost it:

“You just met the President!

They apologized. Barris stayed mad. But he was also inspired.

“I texted Groff and said, ‘We have to use this next season.’ ”