CNY 2017 in Singapore

Spent the 4-day weekend enjoying exhibitions at the Art & Science museum and the river hongbao:

NASA – Human adventure was amazing.

You could learn history of the space conquest with Sputnik the Russian satellite that became the nickname my sister uses for me (sometimes back when she learned about it in high school and found the name so cute, the short version is even “Sput”); ArtScience-NASA1

And see real artifacts from the space odyssey (satellites, pieces of rocket, suit that went into space and came back to earth):

Until then, I didn’t realise that operating the rockets was like coding – see the instructions which are lines of commands

the G force simulator was amazing and what was even better was the suits that kids were wearing during the exhibition. I wonder what the little girl looking up was thinking about her future…


Future world is an amazing mix of poesy and technology. I kept thinking that he I were a kid I’d want to go to a museum like this. As an adult, you forget the technology and just immerse yourself in the flow of butterflies & flowers, follow the flow of the sea from right to left on a bean bag, get chilled by the digital water particles and play with the bubbles and interacting tableaux.


Journey to infinity – Escher’s world of wonder was fascinating. it was impressive to see Escher’s progression from patterns to infinity loops. The vinyl covers were a nice wink to how his art inspired or was used in pop culture.


The large lanterns at river hongbao at Marina Bay were impressive. However the shows on the floating platform celebrating the New Year were not so great. It was nice to enjoy the view from the upper seats and be outdoor during the less humid session in Singapore.