SXSW 2017 – Sunday 12th March

12-12:50 – Building the Cognitive Business

  • Simon James

Cognitive opportunity landscape


Elli = AI psychoanalyst for veterans more likely to open up to a robot than a human psychologist. Same for debt management. People open up to robot rather than humans.


Cognitive is a platform play, not a product play. You need to create an ecosystem and can’t just buy a product for AI.

14-15 – A conversation with Bob Odenkirk

Great, entertaining, random chat between Fred Armisen and Bob Odenkirk SXSW2017-BobOdenkirk

15-16 – Meeting the father of the Internet Vint Cerf at IEEE and PCI Future of the Internet Meet Up

15-15:30 – Lessons Learned from Birthing a Bot

  • Chris Messina

Version 2

Chris Messina’s mebot saves him time e.g. Sending his bio (300k interactions) and saving time to people who don’t have to crawl different platforms where Chris publishes.

Other bots: fake celebrities’ bots

Version 2

Future is bot-to-bot connections e.g. to prep where to go out, plan vacations…

17-18 – AI’s Final Frontier: your living room 

  • Jeff Wilson

Rethink house as a product, iterative rather than fixed.

22-12 – The Disaster Artist (Work-In-Progress) by James Franco.

Premiere at the Paramount Theatre. Hilarious and great fun at Q&A with the cast… with the original cast from “The Room” joining them on stage. Epic! and approved by the husband 😉