SXSW 2017 – Wednesday 15th March

Felt good to enjoy some daytime movie wiht cinema nerds and music as the level of stimulation in talks became close to nil.

David Lynch – The Art Life

Version 2

14-15 – Human centered design in VR

Booh, expected more given the title.

  • Maureen Fan, CEO and co-founder of Baobab Studios,
  • Kamal Sinclair, Director of the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Labs Program
  • Saschka Unseld, Pixar Animation Studio, cofounder Oculus Story Studio
  • Aaron Koblin, cofounder Within 

Version 2

Aaron talked about treating VR as a social experience, encouraging people to interact is untapped.

Kamal mentioned that ‘Life of us’ felt the liveness from live & ephemeral performance (with direct feedback from audience) and that it felt like flying.

Arcade cinema, VR theatre, will help propel VR to next level and help people change the way they consume media.

SXSW Music

Jain opening the Pandora party

Kate Nash at British Music Embassy