Some disappointing exhibitions at Voilah French festival

Back in Singapore (after a Trip of a lifetime), tried to stay inspired by culture with the Voilah French festival in Singapore which was unfortunately mostly disappointing with the worst website ever experienced: dah

  • 6th May 2017: The Art Behind the Game, The Ubisoft Experience at the National Design Centre seemed promising but consisted mostly of self promotion by Ubisoft and their video games 😦 Barely anything about the creative process, some painted sketches that common people can’t relate to the end product. Second time, after the Gaumont exhibition last year, that I’m disappointed by an exhibition at the NDC. Won’t go anymore.
  •  13th May 2017: only positive experience during the festival was the hilarious “Open at night” movie by Edouard Baer


  • 16th May 2017: Garden by the Bay never disappoints. After Planet Ocean in 2015, it was a pleasure to see the outdoor exhibition “Once upon a time tomorrow” by Chris Morin-Eitner. there were few repetitions with some wild life seen on our frame that seemed oddly pasted in another jungle city as if without careful integration. On the whole, really impressive work. My favorites were the NYC, Paris and Singapore ones. How can one not appreciate the Champs-Elysees as literally a field of wilderness from the Concorde to Arc de Triomphe, with the business district La Defense in the background?

After that sur-realist viewing, seeing some Star Wars Troopers at the bottom of the Garden by the Bay giant trees didn’t feel that odd.

  • 26-27th May 2017: Pictures of imagination – a journey in Jules Verne’s world (Fullerton Hotel & Alliance Francaise)
    • It was super exciting to re-discover and spread the word around one of the most imaginative French author of the 19th century. But the exhibition at the Fullerton didn’t draw light on Verne’s writings, his inspiration or even opening up the worlds he created… it was mostly a recycled exhibition from the Angouleme animation film festival. there was no bridge to explain who Jules Verne is in French literature for Singaporean who would like to discover his books.

    • The exhibition at Alliance Francaise was even worst, no added value compared to the one at Fullerton hotel, which at least was central. It really felt like a recycled French exhibition for French people in Singapore, with nothing to offer to novices or Singaporean. A real shame.