When I sleep, “my brain grows” so please let it be

Analysis of insomnia – In search of forty winks

Gizmos for a good night’s sleep

I love sleeping. Most of my free time during weekends and holiday is spent recovering from the lack of sleep during the week. Naps are the best.

And to my surprise, I was delighted to ready in this feature article that

“while we sleep the space between our neurons expands”.

That’s it, that’s my argument to justify my sleeping in and the fact I need 12-hour sleep nights during weekends. To all my family members who’ve tried to convince me for so many years that with age I wouldn’t sleep that much… my answer is ready: you don’t get it people, when I sleep, my brain grows. BOOM!

This is amazing news and possibly the best one ever. Oh and by the way if that was not good enough… it’s also helping me not getting Alzheimer’s as sleep allows to flush the brain of waste products that might prevent memory formation and perhaps eventually lead to Alzheimer’s.

Right I should have stopped reading the article right there.

But for good measure, the article also points out that although too little sleep can be deadly, too much of it can be even more deadly… booh that was the end of my dream. A meta-analysis of 16 studies involving around 1.4 millions subjects (wow, that’s a lot) suggests that someone who sleeps more than 8 or 9 hours a day has a 30% higher mortality rate that the person who sleeps 7 to 8 hours.

Okay. So my counter argument is that when I oversleep, I’m only compensating the lack of sleep during weekdays.