#Devfest19 & #IAmRemarkable at Google Singapore 30 Nov 2019

It was great to be back to Google on a Saturday afternoon after the DEI day and the Design Thinking with Public Speaking workshop earlier in Q4. It was super inclusive and even greater to see Women Techmakers lead Arwa open the day at Opening keynote and deliver her tips for Web Performance Journey.

My favorite part of the day was the #IAmRemarkable workshop, facilitated by familiar face Vaibhavi Desai. After sharing some data points from Google’s surveys, Vaibhavi pushed us to write down non-stop for 5min (or more, it felt forever) why I Am Remarkable. She really created a safe environment and we reflected on why it was so hard.

The 90min workshop highlights the importance of self promotion in our career and provides tools to practice this skill. I really like how Google opens up the material to propagate and SCALE its impact.


That’s it! I’ve registered and will attend a 2-hour online session so that I can run the workshop myself. Thinking of doing it for SheSaysSG around IWD in March 2020.

Once trained as a facilitator I will be responsible for:

  • Hosting workshops for my personal or professional networks
  • Being an ambassador for #IamRemarkable
  • Filling out the facilitator feedback form after each workshop