TEDxSingapore Women Bold + Brilliant 7 Dec 2019

It was TEDx Singapore 10th anniversary in December 2019 and a real festival celebrating Bold + Brilliant Women. I loved the installations, booths (I discovered Hides &Threads thanks to the TEDx Singapore luggage tag that they personalised on site – seeing their offering made for some nice Xmas gifts with personalised headphone cable manager hidesandthread.com), the graphic design around X and tongue in cheek invitations to be Bold + Brilliant.

After such a great experience (I didn’t expect anything like this festival, as an event organiser myself with SheSaysSG I know how hard it is to get vendors and partners aligned to your vision), it was lovely to see on-stage my friend and colleague Divya Parmar as the MC. You could sense their friendship and trust with Vivian Lim.

And then the artistes and speakers came on-stage:

  • Tilly Wong, Flamenco artiste – mastering a 1.5kg chawl
  • Neo Mei Lin, Marine Biologist – showing us that Singapore sea life is on every bank note Melissa Kwee, Social Pioneer – sharing with us the 7 principles to build a city of good
  • Shye, a prodigy Musical Artiste who started performing only 1 year ago the music she composes in her bedroom
  • Melanie Cook, Educator, my boss and friend, recurring TEDx and SXSW Speaker, who shared her insights on her motherhood journey with Big Tech (eg. free kids app advertising violent games) in The accidental automation of being a mama
  • Nazhath Faheema, Peace Ambassador and Activist – sharing how she had to demonstrate Confidence + Courage

We were then so lucky to enjoy the vegan anniversary celebration dinner prepared by Grand Hyatt Singapore