#SXSW2016 recap(s) and thoughts on chat bots, AR, VR, AI, #ConvComm

Day 1 – Humane-ification, IOT And Command Line For Brands and the emergence of conversational commerce with @chrismessina ever growing collection of #ConvComm boosted since then by Facebook’s announcement at F8 and Kik shop where users interact with brands Chatbots.

Messengers are the new browser and bots are the new websites. Makeup company Sephora is using its bot to provide beauty advice and product tips, while H&M’s provides fashion advice and a chance to directly purchase clothing through the bot.

@BenedictEvans has summarized the topic on chat bots by saying:

“On one hand, the hope that chat bots can actually work is a reflection of the ongoing explosion of AI, and on the other, they offer a way to reach users without having to get them to install an app. ” they provide an “immediate, fluid and easy way to engage through a conversational interface”


Day 2 Imitation Game, Data In Sports And Medicine

Day 3 Hacking, Robots And Algorithms with Hiroshi Ishiguro from The Human Robot


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