SXSW virgin no more. Will I go back and pay a fortune to queue for talks I can’t get in? No. Did I have fun with my friends? Hell, yeah!

  • Friday 10th March: made the rookie mistake of missing (queuing for) great talks for the Premiere of Song to Song. Frustration big time at the dinner table that night. But meet and huged KURI
  • Saturday 11th March: got to talks in smaller venues with good panels and ended the day with Tim Ferris LIVE! Yeap, accepted to plan for less, queue for an hour and get buffer in-between sessions
  • Sunday 12th March: met my ex-colleagues from London, saw Bob Odenkirk & Fred Armisen having a chat, got 1-meter close to the father of Internet Vint Cerf, met the brilliant Chris Messina and ended with the hilarious The disaster artist Premiere with James Franco. Sunday was good 🙂
  • Monday 13th March: got back to reality but got a chance to see Melanie Cook’s replay on Augmented AI, toured the exhibition hall to experience Shiseido telebeauty and NASA VR
  • Tuesday 14th March: disappointed and really felt that it was already the end of the interactive part but Badass buying power and NASA came to the rescue
  • Wednesday 15th March: more movie and music
  • Thursday 16th March: ending with a digital music nerd panel and some cheeky BBQ with the gang, yum!